Google form and 20% Project

NOTICE: Upon your learning needs, Project list has been changed. Also, we are going to have some special sessions during the semester.
PART ONE: Information Inventory by using Google form
Today, we are going to use Google form and create a quick survey to your classmates.
PART TWO: Continue- Identify a topic and question for your 20% project, begin work on your project

  1. You’ve brainstormed ideas for your 20% project. Now, take some time to look at our to see what other students are thinking about exploring. Then, take a few minutes to look through a blog created by a student during Maymester as she worked on her 20% project (remember, posts are in chronological order so you’ll be reading it backwards). Each month or week you’ll be asked to spend time exploring the question/topic that’s of interest to you. Some of the topics explored during Maymester were:
    • Bridging the Technology Gap
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning
    • How is technology used in special education classrooms?
    • What motivates young children to read?
    • How can technology improve school safety?
    • Standardized test cheating scandals
    • Charter Schools
  2. You can see that the common thread through all of the questions is a K12 connection. Think of something current in education/technology that you’ve wondered about or something that has impacted you personally.   Here’s a link to a series of videos that will give you some technology-related ideas.
  3. Once you have an idea for your topic, fill out this short form so I’ll know what you’re working on. Now, spend some time exploring your topic. Do a Google search and see where it takes you. Ask around if your topic is controversial or it’s simply something everyone has an opinion on. Make sure to contact me if you are unsure of where to start or you are struggling with an idea.
  4. Each month, one of your tasks will be to spend approximately 2 hours working on your 20% project. You’ll record your time and progress on your blog.
PART THREE: Document and share your 20% project work
  • Create a blog post summarizing what you’ve accomplished so far on your 20% project. You can include links to resources you’ve found, photographs, etc. Each blog post for your 20% project should be 3 to 5 paragraphs.  It can be written completely stream of conciousness if you need it to be.
  • Add a link to your blog on your page (WordPress can be added as an app or as a link – it’s up to you).

PART FOUR: Social Identity Project Step two & three 

  • Complete Social Identity Project Step two & three. Then, link your document in your page. If you want to embed it to your blog, please create a Page for your social identity project and embed all of your work there. Due date is this Thursday (Aug-29th) before class time.

For Thursday:

  1. Read the introduction to the National Educational Technology plan. You can find the plan in our Readings Dropbox folder. Be prepared to talk about it in class on Thursday.
  2. We’ve read several plans, articles, and chapters. It’s time to do a quick review and then get down to business. After our review, you should have a good understanding of the role of technology in teaching and learning.

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