Why Communication and Collaboration

TASK ONE: Responses from your classmates via Google Form
  • Creative questions?
  • Other than multiple choice or text?
TASK TWO: 20% Project blog & social identity project 
  • Multimedia sources (Audio, Video, or Images) need copyright information
  • Link your blog to about.me page (See, PART THREE of Aug-27th, Tuesday’s blog posting)
  • Social identity project’s step two & three due is today before the class time
TASK THREE: Explore 21st century skills and the National Educational Technology Standards 
Our course is based on the National Educational Technology Standards which are partially based on ideas from The Partnership for 21st Century Skills. This short video you will watch illustrates these standards. 
TASK FOUR: Design your ideas- Communicate and Collaborate with your classmates first
Creating 1-2 minutes of movie trailer with your group
STEP ONE: Choose a topic
Topics that you can consider?
  • A message to parents on the first day of the class
  • Life at UGA
STEP TWO: Storyboarding
  • To design your story and slides/images use this form

STEP THREE: Create with iPad

  • ipad from OIT (2F in Aderhold) and use iMovie


  • Upload your trailer to our class YouTube account (get the log in information from your instructor)
1. Bring one ipad per a group for your movie trailer collaboration from OIT (2F Aderhold)
2. We are going to do some fun activities that you can earn late pass!

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