Blogging for 20% Project

Task One. What is Blogging?

Task Two. Design your blog post and upload 2nd posting

This week, you will spend at least 2 hours working on your 20% project and post 2nd and 3rd postings.  Here are some suggestions for what to work on:

  • who might benefit from what you will learn during your 20% project? how might you write your blog so that it will be of maximum benefit for that audience?
  • how are you using social media to find resources to think about/write about? do you need to create complementary tools in Pinterest, Twitter, etc? to support your 20% work? are you interacting with others via social media on topics related to your project? are you commenting on related blogs and asking for comments/feedback on yours?
  • have you talked with any experts? or anyone from your potential audience? what do they have to say about your project? what direction do they suggest you go in?
  • is your topic limited or too broad? how can you modify it so that you have a project that is sustainable until the end of November? Can you divide your topic into smaller questions and address one each week?
  • how does your project relate with what we are talking about in class?

Then, share your plan here

Task Three. Reviewing at least 2 classmates’ blogs

In addition to adding a 2nd & 3rd post to your 20% project blog, you’ll need to spend time reviewing at least 2 classmates’ blogs. You can access everyone’s 20% blog from their pages. You can access those pages here. Choose 2 20% blogs to read (there are only 2 posts for each – so, not much of a time drain) and then comment on their blog – what intrigues you about their project? what advice do you have to help them find more resources? what questions do you have about what they have researched so far?

For Thursday,

1. 2nd Blog posting Due: Complete 2nd blog postings before the beginning of Thursday class.


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