Guest Speaker: Multitasking in 21st century learning

Guest Speaker Session: Multitasking in 21st century learning

Today, we are so honored to have another guest speaker– Dr. Eddie Watson.  Dr. Eddie Watson is the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at UGA now. Before coming to UGA, Dr. Watson was the associate director of the Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research at Virginia Tech.  Most of Dr. Watson’s research is related to the topic about the collaboration across the boundaries of disciplines in order to create opportunities for professors and students in higher education to achieve the goals.  As we ll know, 21st century learners are very different.  Today Dr. Watson will lead us to unveil some of the myths about 21st century learners, especially the myth of multitasking.

* Your thoughts and reflections about guest speaker’s lecture should be included in the reading response. So please come to the class on time.





1. Make sure you have all of the props and materials you need to create your video.

2. Things to remember:

  1. What content is your video teaching? Is it clear to the viewer? How can you make it more clear?
  2. Does your video tell a story? Are you sure? Who is the main character? What is the plot?

3. You need to come to class ready to begin shooting. You shouldn’t be working on scripts or props on Tuesday.

4. Checking out equipment (digital camera, tripod)  from room 232 BEFORE you come to class next Tuesday.


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