Independent Working Day


Class will not meet today (Thursday, October 17). The expectation is that you will complete your stop animation video. Find a quiet spot that your team can record your voice narration and complete the video.

I will be in the classroom during our class time so, if your team needs any assistance, please feel free to come to class.

Things to remember:

  1. What content is your video teaching? Is it clear to the viewer?

  2. Does your video tell a story? Are you sure? Who is the main character? What is the plot?

Submission Due is tonight by midnight.

Please make sure your group did your best on making the film: Will you be able to proudly share this video with your friends, family (incl. your future kids!), or with your employer as your portfolio?

Remember, the video is for learning. By only watching the video,  your target learners should be able to learn about the subject.

If you need my feedback or need more time, feel free to contact me.

Submission guideline can be viewed in Oct, 3rd and Oct, 15th’s blog posting.


10/22 (Tue): Presentations for Stop Animation & Reading response Due (before the class time)

Read Shively, C.H., (2011). Grow Creativity. Learning & Leading with Technology. 38 (7), pp. 10-15: click reading material. Also, the reading response should include your thoughts about guest speaker’s lecture. Please share your thoughts on this question, “How much do you think you are self-regulated when you use technology for your learning?”


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