Learning Adventure Project Day 2


STUDYMATE reflection due was last Sunday 12PM


Finding good resources for the “Hook” and “Explore” sections

Where can you go to find interactive games and resources to use in the “Hook” section and the “Explore” section?

flipgrid– photo presentation (Univ of Minnesota)

Cowbird– photo story journal

blipfoto– photo diary

365project– a 365 days photo project

Cameo– making videos with your iPhone

Scratch– Create your own animation/ project/ video/ game/ music….All you can imagine is here!

GoAnimate– Make your own animation: see my example


Remember, these are two great examples to use if you need help deciding what to include on each page:

Health Adventure: You Are What You Eat

Adventure in the Wilderness

We will use a full class time (75 minutes) today.


1. Class will not meet this Thursday – continue working on your Learning Adventure and check this blog after 11:00 am on Thursday for information about continued work on your 20% project.

2. Double-check your learning adventure with the rubric. Check for typos!

3. Your Learning Adventure is due on Tuesday, November 19 at the beginning of class.

4. Complete this form by 2PM Thursday (11/14).


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