Finishing Up

Finishing up

PART ONE. Learning Adventure Project

We’ve gone over all of the parts of the Learning Adventure. Please make sure to review the rubric to ensure you have completed all of the required sections. It is due at the beginning of today’s class, November 19. Double-check the rubric and typo!

PART TWO. Final Presentation (4 minutes/person)

On the last day of class we’ll have an informal showcase where we will share our Learning Adventures and our 20% projects. If you have completed all 5 required blog posts, you have only one final task to complete. Create a half-page handout that lists the “things you must know about my topic” to share with classmates. Also, we are going to create QR codes for your learning adventure project (and/or 20% project) to help us to access your projects easily.


Things you should add include Target learners? Topics? Learning Goals? Why is your project important?

This should be added in our Google presentation no later than Wednesday, November 20 at 5 p.m, if you would like for me to make copies. If it is not sent to me by that deadline, you will need to bring 15 copies to our last class meeting.

PART THREE. 30 seconds commercial/speech about EDIT2000

Prepare for 1-minute speech about EDIT2000. Choose your highlight of the class.



1. Final presentation: You need to imagine that all of us are THE STUDENTS WHO MIGHT WANT TO TAKE THIS PROJECT WITH YOU.  So you are trying to recruit students.  You have the right to decide what to cover, which video should be played and which example should be pulled to explain the project better.

2. Grades: You will have a final grade report next week. Make sure everything is up in your blog, page, Google doc (open to the public), or Dropbox. If anything else is missing, please contact me as soon as possible. It is not too late to submit any assignment – but we must agree to a due date today or I will assume that you are satisfied with your current status.


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