Last Day of the class

I cannot believe today is our last class meeting .

I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know each of you and I wish you luck in the future.

Make sure to stop by and visit if you are in Aderhold because I’m always in rm 611B!

Today we are going to do three things:  final presentations, course evaluation, and taking a picture and 30-seconds video.


  • Make sure all assignments are completed or you and I have scheduled a time for them to be completed.
  • Don’t forget to add a link to your learning adventure on your page
  • Grading: I will share your grades via Google doc no later than next Tuesday (11/26).

PART ONE. Final Presentation

Each one of you will have 3-4 minutes to present your projects. After appreciating all of our projects, we will do a quick poll to select the winner of the project.

To access to the project information with QR codes, click here.

20% Project Poll

Learning Adventure Project 

PART TWO. Course Evaluation

We will spend our first 10 minutes for end-of-course evaluation. Please complete the evaluation before you are leaving.

PART THREE. Picture and Video time

Good luck on your finals and have a fantastic break!!


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