Second day of the class

Before class begins – please complete the following:

1. Make a name card only if you are new today.

2. Learn classmates’ name (at least two).

3. Check out a laptop if you did not bring your own.


So, what is this class really about? What project or topic mentioned Tuesday really interests you? What were you hoping to learn that wasn’t mentioned? What can you tell us about the 20% project or project-based learning?

Hopefully, the purpose of this course is becoming clearer to you and you’re finding it a good fit with what you had hoped to learn this semester.  We’ll spend a little time today talking about the kind of projects we’ll do this semester.


This class is about technology, right?  So we are going to try some technology tools once in a while. The tool we are going to try today is a scavenger hunt app.  I will use the images to explain.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

OK. Are you all ready?  The first team that completed all the 4 challenges and come back to the classroom will earn a late pass


Everyone should have a professional website. We’ll be using to create ours. Today you’ll post your background pictures and write your biography.  Work with a partner to help each other write something short, but interesting for your biography. We’ll also add some of the “apps” – like Facebook, Twitter, and some links – like Pinterest. You can view some student examples from the previous semester here.


What was the big idea or takeaway you had from the Meaningful Learning with Technology chapter? Was there anything that surprised you? My favorite takeaway?

This quote from the Jonassen text (p. 2): “In order for students to learn meaningfully, they must be willfully engaged in a meaningful task.”

I strongly recommend you memorize it. Seriously, say it with me: “In order for students to learn meaningfully, they must be willfully engaged in a meaningful task.”

Each group has been assigned a characteristic of meaningful learning with technology. Let’s watch a video of a learning activity and see if we can identify any of the characteristics.

If you are going to memorize anything this semester (besides the quote) – I would strongly recommend that you memorize these 5 characteristics.  You’ll be seeing and using them all semester long . . .


  1. Complete the student information sheet and enrollment information sheet before the end of class.
  2. Finish organizing your page: add your picture and biography. 
  3. Read the introduction to the National Educational Technology plan. You can find the plan in our Readings Dropbox folder. Be prepared to talk about it in class on Tuesday.

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