Meaningful Learning


What was the big idea or takeaway you had from the Meaningful Learning with Technology chapter? Was there anything that surprised you? My favorite takeaway?

This quote from the Jonassen text (p. 2): “In order for students to learn meaningfully, they must be willfully engaged in a meaningful task.”

I strongly recommend you memorize it. Seriously, say it with me: “In order for students to learn meaningfully, they must be willfully engaged in a meaningful task.”

Each group has been assigned a characteristic of meaningful learning with technology. Let’s watch a video of a learning activity and see if we can identify any of the characteristics.

If you are going to memorize anything this semester (besides the quote) – I would strongly recommend that you memorize these 5 characteristics.  You’ll be seeing and using them all semester long . . .



Share your meaningful learning experiences with your group members and discuss what will be students’ roles? what will be instructors’ roles? and what can technology do for meaningful learning?


What are the buzzwords and phrases you should just go ahead and memorize?

  • Learning, Design, and Technology
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)
  • Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPaCK)
  • 20% Time/Genius Hour
  • Project-Based Learning


Social Media can be a great resource for professional development. It can also really get in the way of getting a professional position. So how do we navigate a world with amazing potential and potential pitfalls? We all need to think about how we might develop a professional social media strategy and how we might use social media for personal and professional development.

You need to create a Twitter account in order to become a part of our professional learning network. You’ll connect with other EDIT 2000 students and I’ll help you to find additional people/organizations to follow that will help you with projects throughout this semester. It is important that this account is kept separate from your personal Twitter account.

After you create your professional Twitter account, please tweet a greeting to #edit2000.  You will find other students who are taking EDIT 2000 with other instructors this semester.  We are a group of professionals to work on the 20%  project together.

Add a link to your page and list your Twitter handle on this form.


  1. Need more reasons to clean up your social media? Read this short article
  2. Read the introduction to the National Educational Technology plan. You can find the plan in our Readings Dropbox folder. Be prepared to talk about it in class on Tuesday.
  3. And remember: “In order for students to learn meaningfully, they must be willfully engaged in a meaningful task.”

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