Communication & Collaboration Center Day 4: Putting It All Together

Before you leave class – you MUST make sure you are following all of your classmates on Twitter and they should all be following you. You should also be following me: @polibell  This is required for admission to Tuesday’s class (I’m not kidding).


Find a technology tool from our resources page or just search online today.  You need to play with it this week.  After playing with it, you need to start thinking about the commercial content for the tool.

What makes a good commercial?  Most of the time, we like it or remember it because there is a story in the commercial.  Also, repetition is an important element for commercial.  You need to help your audience remember your product.  This project challenges you to be creative to communicate with others who want to learn more about new technology tools!


1. Choose a tool: Brainstorming

2. Who will be your target audiences? Teachers in K-12? or in college? What is the goal of your tool commercial? Think about…”After watching this commercial, the audiences will be able to                                                    ”

Remember that you are creating a commercial to sell this tool!

3. Make a scenario

4. Design a commercial with storyboarding: click here to see an example of storyboard–you will design and decide how many screen shots, length and types of texts, voice-over, or background music will be needed when by doing storyboard.

5. Shoot a film

Tip. If you need assistance for iMovie or Movie Maker, find the resources: via your UGA ID/PW or Google it, there will be tons of videos, blogs, or online discussions.


This center is your chance to see how a K12 student might need to know about collaboration and communication. Working with your group, you’ll create a movie trailer on a selected topic. View details here.


1. Who will be your target audience? Students in K-12? or in college? What is the goal of your movie trailer? Think about…”After watching this video, the audiences will be able to                                                      .”

2. Check out iPad first and see what iMovie app will do for you.

2. You can make a scenario, outline, and storyboard with the app.

3. Complet #2? Then, film it!


In this center, you will work on your own to develop a WordPress blog and create 2 blog posts related to your 20% project. You will also work with your group to brainstorm ways Twitter can support your 20% project exploration. View details here.


1. Complete any portion of your current center that was not completed in class. All center requirements must be completed by Tuesday, February 25th at the beginning of class.

  • 20% project: You will have four postings and “at least” two reflection

2. On Tuesday, we are going to do a quick self-assessment and peer-evaluation


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