20% Project: Getting down to business


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  • @About.me page: Link your projects in your About.me page
  • @ your blog: C&C reflection: In Reflection page at your blog, add one reflection about projects you did in C&C center. And introduce your projects (target audience/learners) to your blog readers. This reflection should be at least 3-4 paragraphs.


Before we move on to the next set of ISTE standards: Creativity and Innovation – we’re going to spend a few days talking about our 20% projects: how to make your blog and your posts better or how to connect with others doing similar projects.

The first thing we want to do is find out what everyone is working on. While most of you have posted your 20% project topics on Twitter – some face-to-face conversations will go a long way towards refining your research question and your project goals. We will spend some time in class today sharing your ideas.

Task One. Add your blog information in a virtual post-it wall.

Task Two. Pitch your ideas!

  • What is your idea/topic?
  • Why did you choose that idea/topic?
  • What do you expect to learn from this project?
  • What do you expect your readers to learn from your blog?

While listening, think about,

  • What do you want to know when you are reading someone else’s blog?
  • What do you think I want to know?
  • Which of these are most important to all of us?

Task Three. Rubric

Once we know what everyone is working on (and isn’t it amazing how much your projects have in common?), we need to spend some time thinking about what the expectations for the 20% project will be. I’m going to build a bingo rubric (I’ll explain what this is during today’s class) to use to assess your overall project. But I want you to have input on what should go in the rubric. So we’ll spend some time brainstorming what makes a good 20% project.

Here are some resources to make your blog better.


1. Find and follow in Twitter at least five people who have similar interests with your 20% project.

2. Find at least five blogs who have a similar topic with you.

3. Your next reflection should include your experiences and thoughts about #1&2 tasks.


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