Creativity Projects


The extended due date is next Tuesday before the class begin.



For the next 2 weeks you’ll be developing a better understand of the ways that technology tools can support creativity for learning. You’ll be completing 2 different projects.

For the next 3 days of class we’ll be working in groups to create Stop animation videos.  Watch one from a previous semesters on the water cycle, on the continent, and the solar system. Now, read more about Slowmation videos here.

Getting Started on Your Video:

We’ll worry about the tools we’re using to make your videos later.  For now you just need to:

  1. Find a good partner to work on this project. You can work by yourself but I would suggest you to work with at least one partner.
  2. Choose a topic. Come up with an idea for your video (make sure it matches a Georgia Performance Standard or Common Core State Standard). The best topics are ones that show cycles, systems, formulas, strategies, processes, etc. 
    1. By only watching your video, students should be able to learn the subject. So make sure you have clear target learners and clear learning goals; You will need to describe these when you submit your project.
  3. Plan your story. Brainstorm and create a storyboard for your video. This website, kdmc, can give you some rough ideas about storyboarding.  Write a script to complete your voice-over.
  4. Decide on props. Plan what props and equipment you will need.  

    • Today, you’ll have to finish up your script, and organize whatever is needed for next classes.
    • Next class (Mar, 25th), you’ll make all of your props.
    • Next Thursday (Mar, 27th), you’ll begin filming. You’ll need to come to class ready to film – with props ready to go.
    • Due date is Apr, 1st, Tuesday before the class begins.
  • Q&A

    • How long should this stop animation be?
      • It should be about 1-2 minutes. A few students created longer animation before, but I don’t expect you to make long animations.
    • How many pictures do we need?
      • You might need 100, or maybe 200 pictures.  One group set up a record for about 1400 pictures. You should take more pictures than you need! The more images you have, the smoother your your movie will be!
    • Do I really need a tripod?
      • Most groups regret that they didn’t use the tripod after they completed the project. They got a lot of blurred images. Some of them even needed to retake the footage.
    • Do I really need background music?
      • Not necessarily. It’s up to you. But you have to have a voice-over! You should narrate the events and the information you organized in your script.


You’ll select 2 cases from a list of 6 to explore. You’ll have a chance to learn about podcasting, learning environment design, mobile treasure hunts, flipped classrooms, and more. These are independent projects and each option has a written documentation piece to go along with it.


  1. Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s talks on TED–how did school kill creativity and bring on the learning revolution. We will discuss them on Tuesday.
  2. Be ready to create props: cameras, construction paper, models, etc.

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