OER & Learning Adventure Project Work Day

Our goal for today is to get as much accomplished on our Learning Adventure Project as possible. We will use a full class time (75 minutes) today.


We will have a guest speaker today about Open Education Resources (OER). Jasmine Choi, a doctoral student in Learning, Design, and Technology Program, will visit our class to share her experiences in OER for Haiti with Shine4kids.org. You will learn how you might be able to use your educational resources(Learning Adventures and projects you have completed in in this class) for world.

Your reflection about this session should be included in the Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Unit Reflection (Due is May, 1st).



You can review the Learning Adventure requirements here.

Task One. Your Ideas and Outlines

Complete Learning Adventure Survey 1 , if you have not completed. You can view your classmates’ ideas here.

Task Two. Backwards design

Remember that backwards design will help you to complete this project. When you’re cooking, most of the time you decide what you want to eat BEFORE you get together your ingredients. So, let’s figure out what kinds of projects your students might complete and then organize resources to help them create their projects. Just as we choose a recipe by looking at pictures, a lot of kids will choose your adventure based on the project they will complete.

Task Three. Resources for Hook & Explore Sections

Finding good resources for the “Hook” and “Explore” sections

Where can you go to find interactive games and resources to use in the “Hook” section and the “Explore” section?

flipgrid– photo presentation (Univ of Minnesota)

Cowbird– photo story journal

blipfoto– photo diary

365project– a 365 days photo project

Cameo– making videos with your iPhone

Scratch– Create your own animation/ project/ video/ game/ music….All you can imagine is here!

GoAnimate– Make your own animation: see my example


Remember, these are great examples to use if you need help deciding what to include on each page:

Health Adventure: You Are What You Eat

Adventure in the Wilderness

example 1 

example 2



  • 4/17: Work Day 3-Feedback Day, QR Codes, 20% Peer Feedback, and review blogging
  • 4/22: Informal Presentation 1 (Sign-up here)
  • 4/24: Informal Presentation 2 (Sign-up here)




1. Be ready to get my and peer feedback for both Learning Adventure Project & 20% Project.

2. Bring a smartphone or an ipad to download QR code reader. You can bring yours or check-out from OIT.





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