Movie Trailers

Before Class Begins

1. Turn in your article assignment to the table by the laptop cart.

2. We don’t need a laptop today.

3. Set up your phone to get text messages from me: Send this text:  @edit1230 (for 12:30PM class) @edit20002 (for 2:00PM class) (706) 256-8688 .  I’ll use this (Remind101) to text you if I need to send out a reminder or if I need to cancel class.

Today’s one and only task:

Movie trailers are a great way to introduce material, get students excited about a topic, find out student understanding of content, and more. They’re also a lot of fun to create. When we work with technology in content courses – we want to make sure the technology we use gives students the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, create, and/or think critically (among many other things we’ll discuss this semester).

Today, you’ll work in small groups and use iMovie to create a trailer about the people in your group.

You’ll have a good bit of time to head out of Aderhold and create your video. Return by the designated time and we’ll share the videos and brainstorm some ways K12 classrooms can use movie trailers.

For 2PM class, vote here


  1. Be prepared to discuss your article summary during Thursday’s class.

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