Blogging + Online Communication & Collaboration


12:30PM #EDIT20001230  Sydney Munster @EDITsydneydm

2:00PM  #EDIT20002 Annie Scoles @amscoles

* Some of Twitter schedules have been adjusted due to schedule conflicts.


You will use the blog for blogging as well as unit assignments submission. Today, we are creating the menus for assignments submissions. Let’s begin with creating the menu for our first unit submission.

Task One. Create a menu (page) and named it as EDIT2000

Task Two. Create a menu(page) and named it as Communication & Collaboration (or C&C)

Task Three. Make C&C menu as a submenu of EDIT2000


From now on, we will communicate and collaborate through EDMODO for Blogging (20% Project). We will share our ideas, give feedback to each others, and help to find good resources in EDMODO.

Take your time and think about contents that you will write about. Remember, you will post at least 6 posts by the end of the semester.

Task one. You should have posted your topic idea in EDMODO before the class begins. If you need more ideas about your topic, post a question in EDMODO and ask for help to the class. We will be there.

Task two. Create a munu (page) and named it as About Me or About this Blog

Task three. Brainstorm topic ideas with your partner and write an introductory post

This post should introduce your readers about you and your blog

  • Who are you?
  • What is your topic/Idea?
  • Why did you choose that idea/topic?
  • What do you expect to learn from this project?
  • What do you expect your readers to learn from your blog?
  • What are tentative six subtitles?

Task four. Post your six subtitles in EDMODO. You may revise your previous post. Or reply to your previous post.

Task four. Find two classmates who are not seating in your table. Read their topic ideas in EDMODO and reply your thoughts to help them to elaborate their ideas. That is to say, your reply should be in sentences; not just say, “Awesome!” or “Brilliant Idea”. We need your elaboration.

* Don’t know how to post? or want to know how to use EDMODO? Click here.


Sharon Lin, a doctoral student in Learning, Design, and Technology program is looking for research participants.


1. Check and review your progress so far. Are you on track?

2. Come to class with your best/worst group work experiences.


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