Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making


1. C&I Reflection due is today. Don’t forget embedding your group’s YouTube video in the reflection and double-check the rubric and add descriptions.


We will help each other to make a better blog. (Due date: 11/4, next Tuesday)

1. Find who is your partner: click here.

2. Review your partner’s blog and reply to one of the posts that s/he has posted

: You will receive an email to approve your partner’s reply. Please approve it as soon as possible.

3. Find a good resource (article or resources) for your partner.

4. Post the resource in the Edmodo: your Edmodo post should include following contents

  • To. (Partner’s name)
  • What is your partner’s topic?
  • Give a web address/file of the resource that you find for your partner,
  • Explain why you choose the resource for your partner



Let’s look at more examples from previous semesters (example 1 & example 2).

After looking at the student examples, what questions do you have? How do you think the adventure could have been improved? Do you notice any missing elements of  the adventure that could have made it better? Think on this – maybe as we work through the project, you will want to go about it differently. That’s okay! Just be sure to talk with me to let me know your ideas.


Let’s look at the grading rubric so you’ll understand what needs to be included in each section.

Brainstorm project ideas

Now it’s time to brainstorm project ideas. What kinds of projects might your student do? Will they create a glogster poster to show how the define a hero? Or will they create a stop animation video to talk about recycling? Maybe you’ll encourage your student to start a blog to help other middle schooler’s learn how to make and keep their friends. Here’s a long list of project ideas. Read about Twenty Ideas for Engaging Projects for more ideas. This is a great place to use some of the tools you’ve learned about this semester.

Once you have a question and a project in mind, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to help students come up with an answer to your question and show you what they know (i.e. what they believe the answer is) with some type of project.


1. Please check our class blog to submit your progress on blogging and Learning adventure project. The submission deadline is midnight, the day of the class.

2. Blogging: 4th post due is Tuesday and 5th post due is Thursday

** Make sure to check and keep the record of the time you’ve spent for each posting; from planning to publishing. Write the time you spend at the bottom of the post.


Interested in EDIT (Education and Instructional Technology) courses for next semester?

EDIT 2000 – Teaching with Technology — Project-based course. Learn to design and develop tools for learning using technology to support communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. A great course for education majors and those interested in learning more about teaching and learning. Multiple MWF and T/Th sections

EDIT 4020 – Innovating with Technology in the Workplace – Interdisciplinary, project-based course. Harness the power of social media, explore new technologies, and align technology use with your interests and career goals. You’ll have the unique opportunity to design and develop a technological product of your own choosing, as well as interact with industry professionals from a variety of fields. T/Th 11:00-12:15 and 12:30-1:45

EDIT 4180 – Service Learning Through Technology – Design and develop enrichment projects for local middle school students. Learn how to use technology to support your own learning and that of a bright middle school student. Class meets face to face but interaction with middle school students conducted online. This course can be repeated once. T/Th 11:00-12:15 (must be cleared to register, contact

EDIT 5100S/E – Assistive Technology – Interested in working with students with disabilities? This course will help you to understand technology’s role in your field. Learn about assistive technology, particularly online resources, the use of mobile devices, and access to funding. T/Th 12:30-1:45 (must be cleared to register, contact


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