November, 4th

Greetings from Jacksonville, FL!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I arrived here last night for the national conference, Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Please check the following to-do list for today’s class.  The classroom will be opened though we are not meeting today.

For those of you who missed last Thursday’s class, you should complete (1) PART ONE: BLOGGING with EDMODO by today , (2) read PART TWO thoroughly– this project will be our last project, and (3) 4th blogging post

For those of you who came to last Thursday’s class, complete (1) 4th blogging post and (2) think about the topic that you are going to do for your Learning adventure project. You will submit your initial topic idea on Thursday.


We will help each other to make a better blog. (Due date: 11/4, today)

1. Find who is your partner: click here.

2. Review your partner’s blog and reply to one of the posts that s/he has posted

: You will receive an email to approve your partner’s reply. Please approve it as soon as possible.

3. Find a good resource (article or resources) for your partner.

4. Post the resource in the Edmodo: your Edmodo post should include following contents

  • To. (Partner’s name)
  • What is your partner’s topic?
  • Give a web address/file of the resource that you find for your partner,
  • Explain why you choose the resource for your partner



Let’s look at more examples from previous semesters (example 1 & example 2).

After looking at the student examples, what questions do you have? How do you think the adventure could have been improved? Do you notice any missing elements of  the adventure that could have made it better? Think on this – maybe as we work through the project, you will want to go about it differently. That’s okay! Just be sure to talk with me to let me know your ideas.


Let’s look at the LearningAdventureRubric so you’ll understand what needs to be included in each section.

Brainstorm project ideas

Now it’s time to brainstorm project ideas. What kinds of projects might your student do? Will they create a glogster poster to show how the define a hero? Or will they create a stop animation video to talk about recycling? Maybe you’ll encourage your student to start a blog to help other middle schooler’s learn how to make and keep their friends. Here’s a long list of project ideas. Read about Twenty Ideas for Engaging Projects for more ideas. This is a great place to use some of the tools you’ve learned about this semester.

Once you have a question and a project in mind, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to help students come up with an answer to your question and show you what they know (i.e. what they believe the answer is) with some type of project.


1. Please check our class blog to submit your progress on blogging and Learning adventure project: there will be a Google Form to submit!


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