Share your Learning Adventure Project

You will share a “Working Draft” of Learning Adventure with the class

*  Create a slide or a handout to share with your classmates, titled “Top 5 things you should know about my Learning Adventure.” Be prepared to share this information with a small group of classmates.

* Click here to view Bingo



  • 12:30PM class: We will begin class at 12:30  and finish at 1:00. Please be on time.
  • 2:00PM class: We will begin class at 2:00  and finish at 2:30. Please be on time.

2. We will complete our Twitter project.

3. We will take a class picture at the end of class on Thursday.

4. Before Thursday, please complete the end-of-course evaluation. You can access it here. Even though you are logging in with your UGA MyID – your responses are entirely anonymous. If you are unable to login, please email me your 810# and I can get you added to the list.

5. Please complete Time management survey before Thursday.


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