Meaningful Learning


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Today’s first thing to do

Movie trailers are a great way to introduce material, get students excited about a topic, find out student understanding of content, and more. They’re also a lot of fun to create. When we work with technology in content courses – we want to make sure the technology we use gives students the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, create, and/or think critically (among many other things we’ll discuss this semester).

Today, you’ll work in small groups and use iMovie to create a trailer about the people in your group.

You’ll have a good bit of time to head out of Aderhold and create your video. Return by the designated time and we’ll share the videos and brainstorm some ways K12 classrooms can use movie trailers. Make sure to send at least one tweet with our class hashtag #edit2000chang while you’re making your video (and don’t forget to include a picture!)


Before today’s class you viewed several issues of Learning and Leading with Technology by the International Society for Education. This professional group also publishes the ISTE Standards for K12 Students and Teachers. We’ll take a few minutes to look at those standards and talk about how they relate to the topics you viewed.

In small groups, share your topics/articles. Using the ISTE standards, identify which set of standards your topics address. Organize your groups topics within these standards. Use the list of educational hashtags to identify hashtags relevant to your topics. Be prepared to share what you’ve organized with the class.



  1. Read Chapter One from Howland,  J.L., Jonassen,D., & Marra, R.M. (2011). Meaningful learning with technology. (Fourth ed.). Boston, M.A. : Allyn. You can access it from our Readings folder. We are using Dropbox to organize our readings for this semester. You do not have to have a Dropbox account to view files in the folder or to download files.
  2. Be prepared to respond to these questions in class on Tuesday: What was the big idea or takeaway you had from the Meaningful Learning with Technology chapter? Was there anything that surprised you?




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