No Class Meeting: complete five tasks!

As I announced on Tuesday, we are not having a class meeting today. Please complete the following tasks and submit the form by 11:59PM tonight.
  • What is blogging in plain English
  • A number of teachers have started using an activity called Genius Hour or 20% Time to provide students with an opportunity to explore topics of personal interest. We’re using a similar model to explore ideas in learning, design, and technology. But we’re putting our own spin on things by looking closely at trends in education (K12 and higher ed) and some of the myths, misconceptions, and propaganda associated with them. Not surprisingly, technology can be found at the heart of many of these issues.  We’re calling our project “MythBusters” because that’s my real goal – to give you time to learn about issues in education that matter to you.
Task 1: Creating a blog
  • Create a blog at Take a few minutes to think of an appropriate name for your blog – something related to your 20% project.
  • If you need help creating your blog, log in to: with your UGA MyID. Search for “Wordpress Essential Training” and choose relevant videos to show you what you need to know.
Task 2: Linking your blog to your page
  • Add a link to your blog on your page (WordPress can be added as an app or as a link – it’s up to you).
Task 3. Brainstorming Topic Ideas
  • Each week you’ll be asked to spend time exploring the question/topic that’s of interest to you. Think of something current in education/technology that you’ve wondered about or something that has impacted you personally.
  • Some of the topics that can be explored will be shown during the class (click here to view common myths but you don’t need to choose your topic from here) To view possible key words for educational issues, click here
  • Now, spend some time exploring your topic. Do a Google search and see where it takes you. Ask around if your topic is controversial or it’s simply something everyone has an opinion on. Make sure to contact me if you are unsure of where to start or you are struggling with an idea.
  • Each week, one of your tasks will be to spend time working on your 20% project. You’ll record your time and progress on your blog.
  • Remind that this is YOUR BLOG not my blog. You should find out the topic of your interests.
Task 4. Share your blogging ideas in the Padlet
  • Once you have an idea for your topic, Post your Blogging topic here so, I and everyone will know what you’re working on. Tell us about the followings:
    • What is your topic?
    • Why did you choose it? (How it’s relevant to your own life/higher or K12 education)
    • who else will be interested in your question?
    • Give three possible sub-topics that you’ll post in your blog
Task 5. Complete this form


1. We will share blogging ideas and create menus and pages in your blog!

2. Have a fantastic weekend. Do something makes you happy!


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