C&C Center Day 3 “SHARE”


If you haven’t completed your project #1, work on it and complete it by today.

If you have completed your project#1, share your YouTube video address through Twitter (#edit2000chang & your hashtags) and move on to PART TWO.

  • Feb 10 CREATE
  • Feb 12 CREATE
  • Feb 17 SHARE
  • Feb 19 SHARE (No class meeting): complete Tool Newsletter
  • Feb 24 REFLECT (No class meeting): complete C&C Reflection and 1st blog post

PART TWO. C&C Project #2 TOOL NEWSLETTER (Individual Work)

Scenario: You’ve been hired by an advertisement company to develop a flyer for teachers in K-12 education. The company should choose tools that will really benefit communication and collaboration in classrooms – but teachers aren’t really aware of the products. The company needs you to develop a flyer about their product to convince teachers that the tool will benefit students. The purpose of your newsletter is AWARENESS – it is not a operational manual.

  1. View at least 3 of the Web 2.o tools. Do your own search for K12 communication and collaboration resources (and it’s not a bad idea to create a Pinterest board (or other bookmarking tool) of the resources you find.
  2. Create a one page newsletter that would be sent to parents (and students) describing 3 or 4 of the communication/collaboration tools that will be used in a classroom. Obviously, you’ll want to choose a subject and grade level for this project. Make sure in your descriptions that you don’t just tell what the tool does but how it could be used in a classroom or to keep parents up to date. DO NOT include email or phone calls as one of your tools! Use Smore or Tackk to create your newsletter.
  3. Newsletters are due Thursday, February 19th at the end of the class. Add a link to your newsletter onto your about.me page to turn it in.




In not more than 3 paragraphs, reflect what you’ve learned from activities and readings we covered during C&C unit.  Here is some questions that will help you to ponder for your reflection.

  • How technology can be used for meaningful learning, especially for communication and collaboration?
  • Where do you see a connection to the ISTE (NETS) in the activities that you completed?
  • What tools did you find that are important to share with others?
  • Embed (1) the Youtube video (Movie or Powtoon) and (2) Tool Newsletter in your reflection page
  • Due next Tuesday, Feb, 24th
  • Post in your Blog> EDIT2000 > C&C menu


1. Review PowToon and Video activities

2. We are not meeting this Thursday (Feb, 19th); Tool newsletter should be completed by Feb, 19th

3. We are not meeting next Tuesday (Feb, 24th); you will need to complete (1) C&C reflection, (2) first posting in your Blog by the end of the day.

4. As I mentioned in the class, I will be online during the class time on Thursday and next Tuesday. So, please feel free to email me, if you have any questions regarding the tasks.






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