Why should we know about C&I?


1. Withdrawal Deadline is this Thursday, March, 19. Check your progress and policies in the Syllabus and your attendance in a sign-in sheet.

2. C&C Winners!

3. Mid-grade will be updated by tomorrow noon.



Last class, we tried creativity activities and realized Creativity and Innovation is not creating totally NEW things but more like having divergent thinking.

Today, let’s think about the traits of creative people. Do you know anyone who are creative in your life? Do you think they share some common traits?

Some traits of creative people can be considered weird behavior.  As a teacher, do you think that you can tell who are creative kids in your class?  Do you think that you are prepared to help those creative kids?  Let’s watch this video of a creative girl.


  • Do you have any example about how your teachers encourage you to be creative?  What kind of things can you do to help students think creatively?  How can you boost students’ creativity?
  • Let’s watch two videos from Sir Ken Robinson discussing how schools are killing creativity, here and here.
  • There is a school in Hall County, GA called DaVinci Academy. This is really a dream school for both students and teachers.  No principal.  Only 10 teachers and 240 students.  They were having the museum exhibition about Africa and Egypt last spring semester.  Students do the research, set up the exhibition and explain everything to visitors all by themselves.  The students don’t have textbooks and the teachers create their own curriculum…this made parents a little bit concerned and worried in their first year.  However, the test scores from their students proved that they can still achieve the goals and all the standards.  They try hard to tell people that creativity, critical thinking, and high motivation…etc, can still be emphasized in the current education system.


For the next 2 weeks you’ll be developing a better understand of the ways that technology tools can support creativity for learning. For us, we need to remind that the ISTE Standards addresses creativity and innovation:

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.


a. apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.

b. create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

c. use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues.

d. identify trends and forecast possibilities.


We will have a guest speaker today about Open Education Resources (OER). Jasmine Choi, an instructor of another EDIT2000 in Learning, Design, and Technology Program, will visit our class to share her experiences in OER for Haiti with Shine4kids.org. You will learn how you might be able to use your educational resources(Learning Adventures and projects you have completed in in this class) for world.

Your reflection about this session should be included in the Creativity and Innovation (C&I) Unit Reflection. Because what you are creating during C&I unit is OER!




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