Stop Animation-Filming


We will begin filming the videos (adding narration, music, etc.).  Remember to check the planning guide

  • Step 1. Decide what props and equipment your group will need. Work on building props.
  • Step 2. Take pictures of your props by using the class iPads (myCreate app, OR iMovie app), or your personal camera if you would like to create the video on the iMovie program on your computer.
  • Step 3. If using iPads, import the pictures to iMovie.  To see how to use iMovie, click here.
  • Step 4. Edit and animate your pictures. Add narration and music if necessary.
  • Step 5. Once you’ve finished your videos – “share” them to our class Youtube account. The account information will be shared in class.
  • Step 6. Share the YouTube link with your group.
  • Step 7.  Each group member should create a “Stop Animation” page in one’s BLOGS.
  • Step 8. On the Creativity & Innovation blog page, embed your stop animation video link and write a reflection about the video and the project in general.



1. We will finalize the filming process (editing, publishing to YouTube).

2. Embed your stop animation video link on the Creativity & Innovation page of your blog. Write a reflection about the video and project in general.


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