C&I Reflection Day


1. If your group already submitted the StopAnimation video, do not come to today’s class. Two groups encountered unexpected technical issues (myCreate app deleted all of their progress) and need extra time to complete their projects.

2. C&I reflection due is tonight. If you need more time, let me know before/after the class.

  • Prompt questions for your reflection are here StopAnimationGuide_Spr2015 but share everything.
  • Reflection is not for reporting the process. but should share your thoughts/opinions incl. your frustration, your trial & error, your contribution to create an OER for kids, etc.
  • Embed your group’s StopAnimation in the reflection. We learned how to insert YouTube video without showing the whole web address.

3. Peer Evaluation for your StopAnimation group will be available next Tuesday.

4. Three more weeks to go! Self-checklist for EDIT2000 is available in the blog menu.

5. We are not meeting next Thursday, Apr, 9th. You will use the time to post your 3rd and 4th blog posting and for your new project! You will have your peer reviewers after Apr, 9th.


1. Check your progress with Self-checklist for EDIT2000 in the blog menu.



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