Communication and Collaboration (C&C)

PowToon/Movie Trailer [5]

  • Details click here
  • Due: Feb-12

Tool Commercial [5]

  • Details
      1. View at least 3 of the Web 2.o tools. Do your own search for K12 communication and collaboration resources (and it’s not a bad idea to create a Pinterest board (or other bookmarking tool) of the resources you find.
      2. Create a one page newsletter that would be sent to parents (and students) describing 3 or 4 of the communication/collaboration tools that will be used in a classroom. Obviously, you’ll want to choose a subject and grade level for this project. Make sure in your descriptions that you don’t just tell what the tool does but how it could be used in a classroom or to keep parents up to date. DO NOT include email or phone calls as one of your tools! Use Smore or Tackk to create your newsletter.
      3. Newsletters are due Tuesday, September 30th at the end of the class. Add a link to your newsletter onto your about.me page to turn it in.
  • Due: Feb-17

Reflections with readings [5]

  • Where to submit: Blog under EDIT2000 Menu/PAGE
  • Details
    • thoughts about C&C and the project
    • Embed Movie Trailer and Tool Commercial
  • Due: Feb-24




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