Frequently Asked Questions -Sept Ver.

Q1. Class Schedules or are there certain due dates along the way? (2)*

A: Tentative due dates are all updated in the class blog> Schedules> Google Calendar. I will remind you at least a week prior to the submission due date. Our class schedules are laid out based on 15+ years students’ progress but, I sometimes extend the deadline based on your progress.

Q2. Blogging Due (3)*: Ms. Chang, should we write our blog posts at our own pace? Will there be a deadline for each blog post or do we just have to complete all 6 by class is over? Will there be a deadline for each blog post or do we just have to complete all 6 by class is over?

A: You can do it at your pace but I will  give you time to do it. (See, Google Calendar)

Q3. Will class always have this dynamic? (everyone completing tasks for the day?)I’m concerned about being behind with my assignments. Like the Edmodo blog writing. I am concerned we may try to fit too much into the designated class time

A: Yes. And as I mentioned before, we’ve assigned each class time to complete the task during the class time. Keep focusing in the in-class activity when you are in the class. You will never be behind.

Q4. I feel like I don’t quite have a clear picture of how all of our projects will link together.

A: As I mentioned in the class, all activities are related to ISTE standards. I have reminded the standards and how each project is related to the standards at the beginning of the class.

Q5. Remembering all my logins and passwords. (2)*

A: One of the course goals is to explore educational tools as much as possible. My strategy is to save them in an excel file and lock the file.

Q6. Bring more chocolate snacks please! 😀

A: Yes, I will. Whenever I am bringing something, I will tweet before the class begins.


*(#): number of students who asked the question


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